CIFLA – Constant commitment to the development of the territory

The management of Ravenna Technopole is entrusted to CIFLA – Fondazione Flaminia’s Center for Innovation.

In addition to the laboratories and their modern research equipment, through the Technopole and its staff, companies can access activities and services such as internationalization, dissemination, demonstration and information, accommodation facilities for businesses, spaces for innovative spin-offs and private research laboratories managed by Fondazione Flaminia.

Founded in 1989 for the development of university and scientific research in Romagna, Fondazione Flaminia was accredited in 2015 by the Emilia-Romagna Region as an Innovation Center thanks to its role in the spreading of knowledge in the local area, and to its facilitating activity for the encounter between businesses, public administration, universities, and public and private research.

As an Innovation Center, it now manages 9 projects (Erasmus Plus and POR FESR) and promotes the first Italian Citizen Science Observatory.

Services provided:

  • Reception and initial orientation for access to research equipment and qualified specialists at the Ravenna Technopole.
  • Analysis of innovation needs of businesses.
  • Matching of business with research.
  • Organisation of workshops, visits and thematic focuses, special events for in-depth analysis and networking.
  • Organisation of events for more detailed studies and dissemination of technical-scientific competences.
  • Support to orientation and mentoring of innovative start-ups.
  • Search for partners and technical assistance for the development of project proposals.
  • Guidance on contractual matters, collaboration on research commissions, easy finance to support innovation and protection of intellectual property.