Places where skills make the difference: the research laboratories

Ravenna Technopole hosts 7 highly skilled and aptly equipped industrial research laboratories belonging to the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network

The Ravenna area features a very important cultural and natural heritage, and hosts the Interdepartmental Centers of Industrial Research (CIRI) of the University of Bologna, that were established with the  aim of gathering the most skilled experts  while enhancing research expertise for improving businesses:

  • CIRI MAM – Advanced Mechanics and Materials, in the field of computational fluid dynamics, advanced design methods and sensors for the nautical industry.
  • CIRI FRAME – Renewable Sources, Environment, Sea and Energy, for the whole sector of the energy supply chain, the optimization of production processes and human activities, and renewable sources.
  • CIRI EC – Building and Construction on Restoration and Historical Analysis of Heritage.

In Faenza, the economic district of ceramics and materials is home to: