Application deadline 22 August 2023

Project: Production of biochar-based organic fertilizers and amendments to improve carbon storage and soil quality 

The environmental management research group of the University of Bologna is opening its call for PhD applicants. The research group operates in the Energy, Environment and Sea Research Centre of Tecnopolo, in Marina di Ravenna.

The project aims at designing, generating and testing sustainable second-generation material-based carbons displaying high efficiency in capturing ammonium from wastewater streams. Materials and processes need external sources of phosphorous to balance stoichiometrically nitrogen. Resulting materials will be designed and tested to comply with the Fertilising Products Regulation (FPR) 2019/1009. The project will build and validate at TRL 3 a system consisting of devices integrated to existing industrial processes and production lines, new materials and circular economy routes to generate functional carbons, to capture, concentrate and transport ammonia from different sources. The production processes should be designed to be not dependent on fossil components and the products increase the soil organic carbon stock and make the overall process CO2-negative.

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